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Marry Me by Elvis Di Fazio

Shit like this makes me sad…I always thought of my future with you, and now it seems like something that will never happen..

I hate this because it’s so relevant. Sometimes I like to think maybe one day I’ll find someone that can stay with me without all the games, but I know every guy out there are mostly the same.

So relevant. What is seems like right now. Oh well, Love is patient.


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I will be seeing Ryan on the 18th (Two days from now) The chances of a video happening aren’t that low we just need ideas. (If you have them, send them in! ) <3


we are my boyfriend and me :)


Ryan, Ricky, what's your big update?? And when is it????! I'm just dying to see it!!! And if it's already posted, can you like reply with a link to it please!! Thanks

We can’t say what it is yet but it’s coming really soon! Hang in there just a little bit more! <3